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News and Updates

Looking forward to attending my first Tucson Festival of Books, March 9-10. Hope to see you there!

Tucson Festival of Books was interesting. Saw lots of vendors (an odd mix), authors, and resources for writers. Wind, rain and chilly temps put a damper on the morning, but I'll be back next year. With a booth!

#@&%* news from the publisher - print release of Loose has been pushed back to Summer '13. Stay tuned...

Great deal on Loose for your Kindle...check it out today!

It's summer reading time...what are YOU reading?
Watch for LOOSE in print - August 2013!

Great news from the publisher - look for LOOSE in print at the end of the month!

Publisher's had a few setbacks, but things are back on track. LOOSE in print coming soon...

Received the first proof of LOOSE. What a rush to hold it in my hands!

LOOSE is in print now
Check it out!

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