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I consider myself a true poster child for that familiar adage you're never too old to realize your dreams. After years of closet writing, countless self-inflicted trash talk marathons, and numerous false starts, I finally found a publishing home for my work.

LOOSE is realistic teen fiction. It’s gone through many reincarnations. The book actually started out as a screenplay I wrote for the Nevada State Scriptwriting competition in 1999. I didn’t win, but I placed high enough to get a little attention from several movie production companies. Unfortunately (or maybe not), that’s all I got--a little attention. Nobody picked it up. I stuck it in a drawer and forgot about it.

Fast forward to the new millennium and the frenzy for young adult books. I've always loved reading them, so I decided to write one. My script seemed like a perfect place to start. The idea to adapt it, some hard work revising it, and a well timed introduction to Noble Tree Publishing resulted in my debut novel.

So what’s LOOSE about?

Here’s the description from the back cover:

On the surface, Sage Gentry looks like the perfect candidate to be crowned “Most Likely to Cause a Girl Fight”. Don’t hate. It’s not his fault that he’s super fine, brainy, and comes from a stable, prosperous family.

Don’t believe the hype either. Ever since the tragic death of his first love, Sage’s so-called good life has been bound up and choked off by a triple threat to his sanity: guilt, shame and haunting memories of Serenity’s bloody body.

His daily existence is spiraling out of control. He’s desperate to cut loose from past ties. And Sage isn’t the only one looking for resolution. His best friend, his new love interest, the girl who claims he got her pregnant—they’re all locked in battle with their inner demons.

In the end, relief comes from the most unexpected places.

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